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Keynote Presentations

Terry Meyer is an accomplished speaker and facilitator, both as a representative of Leadership SA and as an experienced and knowledgeable HR & leadership consultant. He regularly makes customised presentations at corporate and industry conferences and at internal strategy and planning meetings within companies, primarily at an executive level.

Presentations may be customized or chosen from the following existing presentations aimed at challenging organisations and leaders to become VUCAFit:

Understanding VUCA

This presentation helps leaders to understand the concept of VUCA and the implications for organisations. It provides a summary of the characteristics of a VUCAFit organisation VCAFIT leadership.

VUCA FIT Leadership:

This presentation challenges leaders by helping them understand the challenges facing leaders in a VUCA world and the characteristics of VUCAFit Leadership. There is a strong focus on the mental models or lenses through which leaders need to understand and interpret their world. The importance of Stakeholder centric leadership (rather than team leadership), agility and the need to “learn, unlearn and relearn”, amongst other success factors, is discussed.

VUCAFit Organisations:

This presentation challenges leaders to design organisations that behave in ways that are appropriate to a VUCA environment. The focus on the success factors includes organizational agility, collaboration, innovation and networking with internal and external stakeholders. Such organisations are continually leveraging and adapting to changes in the environment. The importance of a holistic approach to organizational design and sustainability is emphasized.


HR have a key role to play in facilitating VUCAFit leadership and organizational design. Too often, however, HR is perceived as bureaucratic and unresponsive in organisations where agility and responsiveness are key. This presentation addresses the need for HR professionals to be solutions focused as well as operationally exceptional and to facilitate a human capital strategy that enables organisations to behave in ways that are relevant in a VUCA world. It presents some ideas on the structure and skills required for HR to play a key leadership role in the future.

VUCAFit Talent Management:

This presentation challenges the assumption that human capital is an organisations competitive advantage. It argues that it is in fact the organizational or social capital that differentiates highly effective organisations from the rest. Skills at all levels can be bought and replicated but the “chemistry” that provides an environment for highly skilled specialists and leaders to be fully engaged and apply their expertise is much more difficult to achieve. The essential role of leaders in talent management is based on Terry’s engagement with many of the world’s leading organisations on the subject.

Companies and individuals interested in hiring Terry as a speaker at their next event can contact him via Leadership SA.