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Executive Effectiveness, Succession and Development

The effectiveness of an organisation and its ability to achieve (or otherwise) its strategy on a sustainable basis is largely dependent on the effectiveness of its Executive and top management, especially in a VUCA environment. (The fish rots from the head).

Whilst the principles of Executive effectiveness are not significantly different to that of any employee, Executive work has important differences and is a key focus of Leadership SA.

The issues that contribute to effectiveness begin with the Executive structure and roles and involve selecting the right people to fill those roles in a changing VUCA environment (the people who made the organisation successful in the past may not be the people to reinvent it for tomorrow). Key attributes forĀ VUCAFit Executive teams include agility and the ability to see the world through multiple lenses.

One of the most important factors contributing to sustainable effectiveness is the effective succession and development of current and future executives. Multiple developmental processes, including Executive coaching and experiential learning design, are offered by Leadership SA.

These and a number of other factors contributing to Executive effectiveness are included in the following broad framework applied by Leadership SA.