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Organisational Design and Capability Building

It is generally accepted that, while many organisations have well designed strategies, it is in the execution of strategy that difficulties arise. This is particularly true where the environment is fast changing and agility in implementing new strategies is essential.

Once an effective strategy has been determined, Executives need to ensure that the organisation has the capability to execute the strategy at all levels – to be VUCAFit.

Based on the philosophy of systems thinking and considerable practical experience, Leadership SA recognises that each element of an organisational system needs to be effective in order that the whole is effective. Simply redesigning processes, or restructuring without aligning all the other elements (such as people and skills) will not build an optimally functioning organisation.

Increasingly, in a VUCA environment, successful organisations are designed around a matrix structure or one that requires effective collaboration. Leadership SA will assist organisations to transition from a traditional organisational design to a modern, networked organisation which drives collaboration and innovation.

In (re)designing organisations and building the capability necessary to be optimally effective, Leadership SA uses the following framework.


The intent is not to “fix what is not broken” but to ensure that each of the elements are effective and aligned with each other and the strategy of the organisation.

The process provides the basis for organisational diagnosis as well as organisational design and capability building.