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Reinventing HR

Reinventing HR was identified in the latest Bersin by Deloitte Human Capital Trends as one of the top 5 challenges facing organisations in Africa and globally.

Whilst it is certainly true that leadership is one of the key differentiators of premier league organisations, there is a critical role for HR professionals to provide them with support.

When organisations experience change and implement important new management processes the role of HR becomes critical to the execution and success of such processes. HR needs to be VUCAFit.

To meet expectations and retain their credibility HR professionals need to “raise the bar” and position themselves as internal consultants who do not just spend their time implementing HR processes but are able to facilitate the solving of strategic business problems. They need to be able to build a credible human capital strategy that is an integral part of the business strategy and an efficient operating system that aligns the various HR processes.

Leadership SA has specific expertise in assisting organisations to reposition the HR function and build capability amongst the HR professional community in the organisation.

The following framework will assist organisations to reinvent their HR capability: