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Strategy Facilitation

Strategy is about creating the future. It is both a science and an art. It is shaped by the mental models of those who most influence it.

The broad framework applied by Leadership SA to facilitate organisational strategy includes the following:

The process is designed to begin by challenging the mental models and assumptions held by leaders in the organisation and enable them to recognise the signals of change in the VUCA environment in which they operate.

Once this understanding has occurred, leaders can decide which game they wish to play in and what their team needs to be do to win the game. This is where innovative thinking and clear planning are required.

As a general philosophy, Leadership SA views strategy as a process rather than event (although the strategic “getaway” may be the culmination of the process). We also advocate the involvement of as many relevant stakeholders as possible during the process.

In a very volatile environment, the broader the understanding of the strategic intent of the organisation and how that was arrived at, the better placed are leaders, employees and other stakeholders to react with the necessary innovation and agility when the environment changes quickly.