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Talent & Skills Development

Talent and skill shortages, both in leadership and specialist technical roles, are regularly quoted as being amongst the top 3 most important challenges facing Executives.

Leadership SA provides a holistic approach to talent management and skills development to enable them to be effective in a VUCA environment.

This begins with effective attraction of high potential talent and skills (the organisations “employee value propositions”) as well as the identification of potential.

Succession planning is central to the placement and development of high potential talent and skills. In the case of development, multiple learning interventions may be designed as part of individual development planning with a focus on creating great learning experiences on the job.

Specific areas of focus include graduate development programmes and the design and implementation of “organisational learning academies”.

Many organisations spend considerable amounts of money on formal programmes, such as expensive Business School programmes. Leadership SA will assist organisations to identify the people that will provide a return on their investment in such programmes, will assist them to ensure the right programmes are selected and will help to ensure that the things they have learnt are applied in their work environment.

It is our experience that talent management is most effective when line managers, rather than only the HR specialists, understand their role in the process and the training of line managers and HR professionals is strength of Leadership SA.

The following framework provides a holistic talent and skills development approach.