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Winning with Change

One of the most effective ways of facilitating ongoing change is to train internal change agents.

Winning with Change is a programme that will enable internal change agents to facilitate and support complex change initiatives on an ongoing basis in a way that meets the specific circumstances of the organisation.

This course is intended to provide change agents with the basic knowledge and skills to facilitate change in their organisations.

Who Should Attend:

HR professionals and change agents from any discipline who are required to design and implement change initiatives in their organisation.

Learning Outcomes:

  • On completion of the course participants will be able to:
  • Diagnose their organisations change capability using an organisational assessment process
  • Understand the basic principles of change, including the impact of modern social networking technology
  • Identify the obstacles to effective change and the factors that can enhance change
  • Define their role as a change agent / internal consultant in their organisation
  • Prepare for a change project, including stakeholder engagement and the establishment of roles and governance structures
  • Understand the strategies appropriate to different phases of change
  • Apply a systems based change consulting process
  • Understand the characteristics of a culture that will enhance ongoing change
  • Understand the role of leadership and mental models in driving change 
  • Learning Process:

Facilitator input; small group interaction; case studies; personal evaluation; readings


The basic course is 2 days but those organisations that want a more in depth capability may extend it by 1 or 2 days. It is also possible (and recommended) that participants do an action-learning project to apply their knowledge in the workplace.

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